Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Let's party in PwnFest 2016!

Hello World!

The PwnFest 2016 will be held on November 10 ~ 11, 2016. It's a real-world software pwning event organized by PoC Security. We have been organizing the Power of Community conference for over 10 years. PoC Conference is one of the highest quality security and hacking conference in Asia. Our excellent speakers present the most interesting and forward-looking security topics every year, in both defense and offensive side.

With the knowledge and insight on software vulnerability and exploit technology, we would like to hold such a pwning event and platform with high reward to pwning of most secure and popular targets. Come and demonstrate your incredible 0days and exploits, then bring the gold trophy back home. PoC will cooperate with vendors to fix their software in time and make a better safety computing ecosystem.

PwnFest contest will be held at Seoul, Korea, in The-K Hotel, during November 10th-11th 2016. Our registration deadline for contestant is 24:00 (UTC +09), November 5th, 2016.

The PwnFest 2016 includes latest and most challenging devices, systems and software as targets, such as Windows 10 RS1, Windows Server 2016, macOS Sierra, iOS 10.1, Android 7.0, Microsoft Surface Pro 4, Apple iPhone 7, Google Nexus 6p/Pixel, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Microsoft Hyper-V , VMWare workstation 12.5.1. It’s the first time that one pwning contest covers all those desktop, mobile and VM targets so comprehensively. We’re looking forward to rewarding the world’s top security researchers for demonstrating and pwn all those targets.

It’s worth mentioning that reward of PwnFest 2016 is attractive. We will offer the reward pool up to 1.7 million US dollar for our targets. Besides, a “Lord of Pwn” of PwnFest 2016 trophy made of pure gold will be crowned to the biggest winner of our contest. It will vest in the team who gets the most counts of the number of their medals.

To make a better safety computing ecosystem, we invited software vendors to join our contest. The security researchers from those software vendors will come on site of PwnFest 2016 as our judges, they will cooperate with other famous security researchers as our judge team, for fair and impartial judgement. During the contest, the judges from vendors will share the security vulnerabilities that used in our contest and fix them as soon as possible to keep users safe.

Here is our detailed Targets and Price size.

You can refer the Full Rule for more details.

PwnFest’s blog will be updated periodically with this blogspot: ( , We will update our registered contestants information after November 5th.

During the contest, you can check this blog, PwnFest 2016 website ( and POC conference Facebook/twitter to follow the progress of our contest.

We look forward to seeing everyone in Seoul, and let the hacker's carnival commence!